Welcome to Vietnam Visa Center -the secure and uniquely 'confidential' visa service provider for Vietnam. We guarantee our service and have helped thousands of visitors with their visas for Vietnam.

Our Services Fees

3 day service (Business days only)
Duration of visa Single Entry** Multiple Entry***
One Month US$ 20 US$ 25
Three Months US$ 35 US$ 70
One Year (US Only) - US$ 70

1 day service (Business days only)
Duration of visa Single Entry** Multiple Entry***
One Month US$ 30 US$ 35
Three Months US$ 45 US$ 80
One Year (US Only) - US$ 80

Half day service (Business days only)
Duration of visa Single Entry** Multiple Entry***
One Month US$ 55 US$ 60
Three Months US$ 70 US$ 105
One Year (US Only) - US$ 100

2 business hour service
Duration of visa Single Entry** Multiple Entry***
One Month US$ 75 US$ 80
Three Months US$ 90 US$ 125
One Year (US Only) - US$ 130

*If we don't get your visa within the time promised, we'll do it for free!

**You can only enter the country once.

***You can enter and leave multiple times within the duration of the visa.

Please note that there is an immigration stamping fee that needs to be paid at the visa landing desk upon arrival. Click here for the stamping fee prices

We also offer confidential letters!

The policy for Vietnamese immigration is to list a number of people on the same visa letter, meaning your passport details are seen by up to ten other people on the same letter. If you value your personal information, use our confidential letter service for an additional fee of US $10 per person. By doing so we will ensure only you, and other members of your party, appear on the visa approval letter. Highly recommended... Click here to see the different visa approval letters.

We also offer a fast track service!

Click here for an explanation

Customer Comments

"We had no issues
sorting our visas out"

Amy Williams UK

"Your customer service is a treat in this day and age"

Neil Adams
Viper Security Ltd


  • Low prices, fast track service!
  • Guarantee to get it done in the time promised
  • English speaking support & efficiency
  • No hidden fees

How does the visa process work?

Step 1

Complete our secure online form

Step 2

Pay the service fee & receive confirmation
Pay securely using your credit card, or PayPal

Step 3

Receive visa confirmation
We will email you an official visa approval letter
Print this letter and present it to the airline upon checking in

Step 4

At Vietnamese airport, get your visa stamped
Hand in the Visa Approval letter with your passport and two passport photos on arrival

The passport officials will stamp your passport for which there is a government charge of $25 for single entry visas, $50 for multiple entry visas and $135 for one year visas.
NB: Visas can only be obtained for visitors flying into Vietnam. Also, certain nationalities are visa exempt so ensure you check our FAQ for more details and our Terms and Conditions

Why use Vietnam Visa Center?

  • Our "visa on arrival" services are immigration authority approved and recommended by leading guide books
  • Apply through us and avoid using your local Vietnamese Embassy which can take days
  • We offer confidential visa approval letters as well as offer a fast track service
  • We're the only English owned visas-on-arrival agency in Vietnam (and all your communications will be with the owners)
  • We stand by our speed of service. If we don't get your visa in the timeline promised, we'll do it for free or give you your money back